EVERYTHING IS FAR AWAY/ Romania/ 15´/ Fiction/ PC/ CFF

THE CAMEL BOY/ France/ 15´/ Fiction/ PC/ CFF

Mugling/ SPAIN/ 25´/ Documentary/ PC/ CFF

Lets Get Along/ SPAIN/ 28´/ Fiction/ PC/ CFF


Gorata na Dimo/ BULGARIA/ 24´/ Fiction/ PC/ CFF

Flamenca/ SPAIN/ 11´/ Fction/ PC/ CFF

BABA SIFON/ France/ 26´/ Fiction/ PC/ CFF

Lets the death be alive/ France/ 25´/ Fiction/ PC/ CFF

BUDDY JOE/ France/ 13´/ Animation/ PC/ CFF

A Child’s Play/ Spain/ 20´/ Fiction/ PC/ CFF

The Cornfield/ BELGIUM/ 19´/ Fiction/ PC/ CFF

Dorotchka/ Germany/ 20´/ Documentary/ PC/ CFF

WITHOUT YOU/ Spain/ 10´/ Fiction/ PC/ CFF

5 hours, 39 minutes, 25 seconds/ Spain/ 25´/ Fiction/ PC/ CFF (14 films)

The bribe/ Russia/ 12´/ Fiction/ YA/ IFOLT

Intense practice to improve performance/ Egypt/ 17´/ Fiction/ YA/ IFOLT

Big bunny/ Spain/ 19´/ Fiction/ YA/ IFOLT

Return/ Iran/ 21´/ Fiction/ PC/ IFOLT

Slaughter/ IRAN/ 13´/ Fiction/ YA/ IFOLT

Tangle/ IRAN/ 07´/ Animation/ PC/ IFOLT

Cold Pixel/ Portugal/ 15´/ Fiction/ PC/ IFOLT

Bear with Me/ Netherlands/ 04´/ Animation/ YA/ IFOLT

The next stop/ CZECH REPUBLIC/ 13´/ Fiction/ YA/ IFOLT

Throught The Mirror/ ARMENIA/ 29´/ Documentary/ LTV/ IFOLT

NIKKI MARIANNE/ France/ 15´/ Fiction/ YA/ IFOLT

Winners are Boring/ Serbia/ 29´/ Documentary/ LTV/ IFOLT

Scoundrels/ Ukraine/ 21´/ Fiction/ YA/ IFOLT

Map to the Stars/ Paraguay/ 10´/ Fiction/ PC/ IFOLT

The Church on a Cross/ Belarus/ 50´/ Documentary/ PC/ IFOLT (48 films)

IFFGB1947/ THE RIDE/ POLAND/ 19´/ Fiction/ PC/ FFW

IFFGB1964/ Sorry/ CZECH REPUBLIC/ 05´/ Fiction/ YA/ FFW

IFFGB2531/ Alex/ HUNGARY/ 22´/ Fiction/ YA/ FFW

IFFGB1074/ Two Words/ UNITED KINGDOM/ 23´/ Fiction / PC/ FFW

IFFGB1169/ Il tratto ( The Line)/ ITALY/ 15´/ Fiction / PC/ FFW

IFFGB1194/ I Let Her Out/ ESTONIA/ 26´/ Documentary/ YA/ FFW

IFFGB3199/ Tail End Of The Year/ Taiwan/ 23´/  Fiction/ YA/ FFW

IFFGB3326/ Dua/ Pakistan/ 30´/ Fiction/ YA/ FFW

IFFGB3455/ Smile/ Australia/ 08´/ Documentary/ PC/ FFW

IFFGB3550/ DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE/ Spain/ 11´/ Fiction/ PC/ FFW

IFFGB3628/ Driving Lessons/ Iran/ 12´/ Fiction/ YA/ FFW

IFFGB3825/ OBTUSE/ France/ 10´/ Fiction/ PC/ FFW   

IFFGB3387/ Lone Wolf/ Lesotho/ 16´/ Fiction/ YA/

IFFGB3334/ What am I?/ Rwanda/ 07´/ Documentary/ YA/ FFW

IFFGB3789/ Magical Girl/ Hong Kong/ 04´/ Animation/ YA/ FFW

IFFGB2806/ The last destiny/ IRAQ/ 12´/Fiction/ YA/ FFW

IFFGB2836/ Charity Act/ ITALY/ 11´/ Fiction/ PC/ FFW

IFFGB3033/ Kindness Will Save The World/ TURKEY/ 43´/ Documentary/ LTV/ FFW

IFFGB1687/ Hold on/ NETHERLANDS/ 06´/ Fiction / PC/ FFW

IFFGB1621/ HAPPY HOUR/ ITALY/ 13´/ Fiction / YA/ FFW

IFFGB1533/ GANDHI VS. JUSTICE – Justice Only for The Rich ?/ INDIA/ 19´/ Fiction / PC/ FFW

IFFGB2224/ LA CAMISETA/ SPAIN/ 14´/ Fiction/ PC/ FFW

IFFGB2226/ GIULIA una storia qualunque/ ITALY/ 14´/ Fiction/ PC/ FFW

IFFGB2308/ Skin/ UNITED STATES/ 20´/ Fiction/ PC/ FFW

IFFGB2656/ Akif/ TURKEY/ 30´/ Fiction/ YA/ FFW

IFFGB2509/ Dream of Moina/ BANGLADESH/ 15´/ Fiction/ PC/ FFW


IFFGB2166/ Subur is Honest/ INDONESIA/ 16´/ Fiction/ YA/ FFW

IFFGB2145/ UMBRELLA/ GREECE/ 13´/ Fiction/ PC/ FFW


IFFGB3989/ Deadbolt/ United States/ 21´/ Fiction/ PC/ FFW

IFFGB4015/ REPLICANT/ Spain/ 06´/ Fiction/ YA/ FFW

IFFGB4031/ Heroes/ Spain/ 08´/ Fiction/ PC/ FFW

IFFGB2110/ My father, Imre/ ROMANIA/ 38´/ Documentary/ PC/ FFW

IFFGB3946/ DIJAMEH/ Iran/ 05´/ Fiction/ YA/ FFW

IFFGB3971/ RAPTUS/ France/ 15´/ Fiction/ YA/ FFW

4Barbia/ Slovakia/ 04´/ Animation/ YA/ FFW

IFFGB3978/ Happy Marriage/ Slovakia/ 12´/ Fiction/ YA/ FFW

IFFGB3604/ OYMYAKON: The story of the coldest inhabited place/ Slovakia/ 28´/ Documentary/ YA/ FFW

IFFGB1016/ To live, to sail/ CROATIA/ 40´/ Documentary/ PC/ FFW

IFFGB2964/ The Landing/ SPAIN/ 14´/ Fiction/ YA/ FFW

IFFGB3087/ Killing Hope/ FRANCE/ 17´/ Fiction/ PC/ FFW

IFFGB1584/ Life in Gray/ BRAZIL/ 15´/ Fiction / YA/ FFW

IFFGB2315/ BONBONÉ/ Palestine/ 15´/ Fiction/ PC/ FFW

IFFGB2385/ La promessa/ ITALY/ 15´/ Fiction/ PC/ FFW

IFFGB2504/ Ales/ MOROCCO/ 15´/ Fiction/ YA/ FFW

IFFGB2751/ Birthday Night/ IRAN/ 20´/ Fiction/ YA/ FFW

IFFGB2523/ Una Semplice Verità/ ITALY/ 14´/ Fiction/ PC/ FFW

IFFGB2709/ War of religions in my family/ BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA/ 38´/ Documentary/ PC/ FFW

IFFGB2172/ Suicidrag/ MEXICO/ 09´/ Documentary/ YA/ FFW

IFFGB2204/ Lampedusa Turtle Group/ ITALY/ 07´/ Documentary/ YA/ FFW

IFFGB2453/ Grandma’s toys/ RUSSIA/ 08´/ Documentary/ YA/ FFW