Awarded films in The 27th International Film Festival Golden Beggar 2021 Košice, Slovakia.

September 17 – 18, 2021 


  1. Children’s Jury Award for the best Animation (up to 30 minutes)

Name of the film:  Sky Sun ,Tile Sun

Director: Ziba Arzhang

Country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

Run time: 6:14

After a period of warfare, the tiled wall is shattered, the sun can no longer play its traditional role and darkness is everywhere… But the people join together and help to build a new sun.

  1. Special Prize – Life with Corona

Name of the film:  The School Is Not Secondary

Director: Alberto Valtellina, Paolo Vitali

Country: Italy

Run time: 45:00

In our second year of Covid-19, the film from Italy, showed us a different way to approach teaching, an inclusive way to look at confrontation, a productive way to turn the boring into something interesting, stimulating and provocative.

  1. Special Prize

Name of the film:  Heaven, Wheel, Earth

Director: Kosta Markovski

Country: Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of

Run time: 59:00

This is the first Macedonian film about the dramatic history of the Roma, from their origins to their movement around and position in the world today. An important document. An important documentary and award winner.

  1. Special Prize

Name of the film:  Escape From a Good Prison

Director: Erik Jasaň

Country: Slovakia

Run time: 9:22

The Golden Beggar for a  Slovak Production goes to Erik Jasan director for a film about desires that perhaps will never be resolved.

  1. Honorable Mention

Name of the film:  The Ritual

Director: Álvaro Moriano

Country: Spain

Run time: 10:00

There was quite a lot of humour and comedy around this year… a little dark, sometimes very dark, but it’s good to be able to laugh and smile when life is difficult. Spanish-style humour from Alvaro Moriano. Olé!!

  1. Honorable Mention

Name of the film:  PescAmare

Director: Andrea Lodovichetti

Country: Italy

Run time: 1:01:08

10yrs ago, a young Italian, Andrea Lodovichetti, won a Golden Beggar with a short thriller. This year he has brought us his new documentary, PESCAMARE, made with his home-town fishing fleet in Fano…

  1. Honorable Mention

Name of the film:  The cat next door

Director: Lisa Sallustio

Country: France

Run time: 7:42

From France, Lisa Sallustio gave us her very funny black comedy “”The cat next door ”, where being helpful to a neighbour becomes a total disaster, as you will see from this extract…

  1. Honorable mention

Name of the film:  Love Reaches Everywhere

Director: Sean Bloomfield

Country: United States

Run time: 35:00

An Honourable Mention to Sean Bloomfield’s “Love Reaches everywhere” and we must include a special mention for Gerald Butler’s mother!

  1. Grand Prix Golden Beggar Award for Production Company

Name of the film:  Ala Kachuu – Take and Run

Director: Maria Brendle

Country: Switzerland

Run time: 38:26

Ala Kachuu means a young girl being kidnapped into marriage in Kyrgyzstan… and that’s the title of Maria Brendle’s Golden Beggar Award-winner from Switzerland, retitled Take and Run in English.

Sezim hopes to become a full-time student but is kidnapped and forced to marry a stranger. Sezim desperately seeks a way out.

Building trust across very different cultures took Maria and her teams 2 years, producing a very fine film.

10.Grand Prix Golden Beggar Award for Local Television 

Name of the film:  Djurdjevdan is Yet To Come

Director: Predrag Todorović TV Centar

Country: Serbia

Run time: 39:56

Every Christian country has its own special story about St George, its own special way of celebrating St George. The people of Oparic in Serbia have ways to celebrate that will be quite different from most of us…

11.Golden Beggar Award for Young Author

Name of the film: Suburban tale

Director: Péter Goretic

Country: Hungary

Run time: 22:09

Péter Goretic from Hungary, who won the Young Author Golden Beggar, for his Suburban Tale had very strong source material to work with, basing his film on a very black comedy by Roald Dahl.

Košic, Slovakia

September 20th, 2021            Chairman of the Jury – Roger Worrod

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