The main prize of the Festival has already become a prestigeous award and proof of successful and creative work, highly valued by local television authors and creators. Recent years have also seen a growing significance gained by the Young Author and Production Company awards. The Golden Beggar has become an award which is a kind of a hallmark of high professional standards for young authors and independent producers.

The competition for Golden Beggars is devided into three sections:

Production Companies
Young Authors
Local Televisions

Each category will have its Golden Beggar. Programs will be listed in seven categories – News and Investigative Reports, Documentary, Fiction, and Animation.


In the lore of the city of Košice is the story of a beggar, who begged for years. But he used his beggings wisely – saving them and building one of the grandest houses on the main street. The house still stands today, with a Golden Beggar statue on top. A copy of that statue made by a sculptor Arpád Račko is given to the best program from local TV. Two other statues of Golden Beggar made by young artists Vlasta Zakova and Martin Kudla are given to the prize winners in the category of production company and young author at the IFoLT.

Other awards:

a PRIZE given by the Journalists‘ Association of Serbia „Zora“
a PRIZE of the Slovak Council for Broadcasting and Retransmission for the Best Slovak

a PRIZE of the TV Festival Press Vitez
a PRIZE from the Fogelsong Family Foundation of the USA

In addition, there will be several programs selected as HONORABLE MENTIONS by the jury and announced as well on Saturday night.